Introducing AI-based Enterprise Imaging Platform

PaxeraHealth’s Enterprise Imaging platform has been redesigned with cutting-edge AI technology running at its core. With thousands of built-in voice commands, the AI is able to interact seamlessly with users via speech and text, expedite necessary information at relevant points of care, provide clinical decision support with augmented reading aids, and more.

  • Monitors users’ behavioral patterns and adjusts to users’ preferences
  • Interactive AI assistant with 1000+ built-in voice commands
  • Real-time clinical decision support and access to patient data
  • Select from different AI algorithms from Paxera market place
  • Streamlines access to patient data at relevant points of care

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Innovative Technologies

Paxera Innovative Technologies
Driven by experience and passion to shape the future in medical imaging

Complete Solutions

Paxera Complete Solutions
We develop and provide a full range of imaging solutions that serve radiologists, clinicians and patients

Paxera® Scalability

Paxera Scalability
Scalable medical imaging solutions by Paxera aid you in scaling smarter and faster

Within Reach

Paxera Within Reach
Optimum consultation and support services through our regional offices and 120+ distributor network


Paxera Cost
Paxera®’s cost effective
solutions meet any size
healthcare facility needs

Better Visibility

Paxera Better Visibility
Interoperates with virtually any EMR and PACS, enabling seamless access to all patient images across the enterprise

Patient Engagement Enabled

Paxera Patient Engagement Enabled
Paxera®’s integrated solutions
allow you to connect with your
patients, increasing satisfaction
and retention

Business Intelligence

Paxera Business Intelligence
Organize, analyze data and increase operating efficiencies with Paxera®

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Our Services

We can help! PaxeraHealth provides integrated and innovative medical imaging solutions to solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges. We architect our services 100% to your needs.

Our team is composed of seasoned developers, product specialists, and analysts who will help shorten the learning curve and allow your business to immediately recognize value. We customize our services to solve your challenges regarding accessing medical imaging and reports, archiving, sharing, and staying secure and cost-effective.

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Cleopatra Hospitals Group
Jai Medical System
Good Samaritan Medical Center
The University of Tennessee Knoxville
The Orthopedic Center Of St. Louis
International Medical Center
Lakeway Urgent Care
Health Science
Us Steel
Powell & Jones




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“We have quite a few modalities interfaced to PaxeraUltima, and we have never seen any degradation in speed or quality in our highest peaks of operation. Our physicians are extremely happy.”


“Compared to our previous PACS, we find PaxeraUltima to be very user friendly. The system also has more tools; it can do 3D imaging and muscle analysis. Those features really benefit our end users.”


“The [PaxeraUltima] system can use any HTML5 browser, and that is great. We can easily and anonymously share images with other physicians for second opinions.”


“We bought PaxeraUltima PACS for all of our hospitals. I have implemented several systems before, and the best thing about PaxeraUltima PACS is that it is user friendly… It is very easy to integrate the system with other applications.”


“PaxeraUltima meets our needs. The images have a very good resolution and high quality. The system is user friendly and is very simple to learn.”


“Everything works great and PaxeraUltima PACS is a very good product. In fact, I have recommended this system to other hospitals, and a couple of those hospitals are going to buy the application!”

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How You Store Your Medical Data

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